Sunday, November 9, 2014

Visual Studio Intellisense not Working (VS2012, VS2013)

The Intellisense feature in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 do not seem to work well. It breaks down time to time and has almost become a big headache! So, what would be the easiest solution? to Google? Oh No!!!, thousands of options and answers and many of them don't really work! But if you are fine with deleting your Visual Studio settings without spoiling any of your code then this should be the easiest way for you!

1) In your start menu search "%AppData%" and enter. You will be taken to "Roaming" folder. (Make sure you have closed your Visual Studio Instance before start doing this.)

2) Go to "Microsoft > Visual Studio" inside the "Roaming" folder.

3) Here you will see the the visual studio versions installed in your machine as folder names.

4) If you are having intellisense issues with VS2012 then rename the "11.0" folder. For VS2013, "12.0" is the corresponding folder.

5) Now start a new Visual Studio instance and you are ready to go!

6) If everything works fine, just delete the renamed folder.

Happy Coding!!